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I take a TON of pics at each show I attend. Bands that are interested in receiving any photos I take can contact me here: 254photography@gmail.com

--I am happy to *send (free of charge) up to 5 "watermarked", lower resolution J-Pegs, which bands can use on-line (do NOT remove watermark). I have a generic contract that states that bands can use my images for on-line promotional uses ONLY (Upon granted permission...Please ask prior to posting, as I may have a "better" or more recent edits) as long as they credit them back to me - "254MochaCharliePhotography". ANY other uses need to be requested, and contracted separately. Should you wish to STEAL my images from any of my online sites, you will be subjected to prosecution within the limits of the law. In order to avoid this, and stay on my good side, please submit ANY request for use here: 254photography@gmail.com 

 --Gig shoots: $0 - $50+
Majority of my work comes from shooting bands at local venues. If I get my name on the guest list, free CD, etc... There is little to no fee for this service. However, if it is a show that you are requesting for specific shots, green room shots, etc., then I will also impose a fee for my time. I will edit based on the band needs rather than which shots I particularly prefer. Pricing will increase based on the number of RAW shots requested, venue location, etc. These packages include (but are not limited to) 7+ RAW Hi-Resolution edited shots, and may contain additional promotional uses of the photos. (Please note: I cannot be responsible for poor lighting choices. Should a venue have lighting that limits my ability to achieve full-colored shots, black & white shots will be substituted, and the number of shots you receive may be drastically lower than you would receive from venues with better lighting.) In most cases, I will NOT use a flash (especially at venues), so my suggestion is to make friends with the person who runs lights should you wish to get the most out of your shoot. A spot on the guest list, and an **All Access Photo Pass are required. Should you wish to include complimentary CD's, band merchandise, "guest list for life" privileges, "all-access photo passes for life" privileges, extra tickets to gigs for my friends & family, etc...These prices are FULLY negotiable. Please contact me for details and prices.

--Portrait packages:  $125+
Photo session pricing (non-gig locations) will depend on location & number of shots requested. The basic package includes up to 20 fully (basic) edited non-watermarked hi-resolution from one (in city) location. (And, YES, I do take photos of people other than musicians.) Additional fees may apply for lengthy 'Photoshop' style edits. Please contact me for further details and prices.

I retain ALL copyright to my photos. The photos you purchase from me are for personal use only, to be used on-line for social media/web related services. My goal in my services is to help to promote your band to get to the "next level". Once that moment comes (you'll know, you'll know!), and should you wish to use the photos that I provide for PROFIT, then a separate contract/agreement will be needed, and additional fees may be applied.

--Photos for Purchase:
Are you a fan, and simply wish to purchase one of my photos? I'm flattered! 
Please understand that I do not/will not sell any of my NATIONAL/INTERNATIONAL band photos.
They are copyright to me, but due to label copyrights, I really have no authority to sell or receive payment for these photos. Major publications can inquire for use here: 254photography@gmail.com 

Are you a fan looking for a LOCAL BAND SHOT? Well then... We have a *DEAL! 
I will sell (at my discretion) 5x7 prints for $20 each or 8x10 prints for $35 each; however, they will contain my watermark, and should not be duplicated. Larger photos can be ordered for higher fees, and may or may not contain my watermark, but that is at my discretion and will ONLY be produced in that size upon band approval.
(*Some of my pieces may NOT be available for sale and/or may require band approval. Please understand that some of my pieces just might not be for sale.) 
Coming soon........ Maybe. Since chances are you will see me at a future show, I don't yet see a need to go through a third party. 

*Please note: I do not print photos myself. I will e-mail ALL versions to your band representative; therefore, an operational e-mail is required for this service. The first e-mail will include lower resolution, watermarked shots, so that you can choose which ones you'd like fully edited in hi-resolution. If you request "hard copies" of photos or photo disc, I will be happy to order them for you from Costco (best local quality/pricing), and I will include the cost in your package. (Shipping charges will also apply.)

**Please note: All Access Photo Passes are necessary in order to give me the most freedom to get the widest variety of shots to be included in your package.

​***Please note: I know times are tough, and I honestly hate having to take payment for my services; however, I do want to upgrade my camera/lenses eventually so that I an take better quality photos for you. So consider it an investment that will increase your band visibility with higher quality pics...That you guys all deserve in your continued success. :) If fees are simply out of the question, please don't hesitate to let me know. Just don't try to pay me in live chickens ;)
​ALL fees subject to change. Please email for further details. 

© 254mochacharliePhotography  Seattle,WA 
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